Energy Saving Stoves

Environmental: Energy Saving Stoves

The Procrea Artisan Stoves

The energy saving stove project is something that captured our attention several years ago. After many hours of research and building numerous prototypes for ourselves and other families in the area, we have found the right combination of form, function, price point, and (most importantly) acceptance in the community.

Here in Guatemala, many women and mothers are still cooking on an open fire, even in indoor kitchen areas. We are very aware of the numerous problems presented by this situation. Health and safety issues like indoor air pollution, smoke inhalation, children eating or playing around an open fire in a small enclosed space. The aim of our focus has always been a positive impact on the environment and the health of its users.

The Procrea stoves provide families with an attractive, cost effective, fuel efficient, clean burning, and user friendly cooking tool. The design principles are based on the work of some of the great pioneers of stove making. The construction materials are abundant, available locally, and very inexpensive. The type of construction is durable, long lasting, super insulating, and easily tolerates the heavy duty, high temperature requirements of a wood burning stove. The stove could be built by almost anyone with a basic knowledge of masonry. The clay bricks are by far the best insulators for this high- temp application. Only the iron work is specialized and a bit costly. The rocket stove design provides ideal air flow and increases the fuel efficiency by at least 50-70% compared to traditional cooking methods. The small firebox and cast iron plancha capture much more of the available heat, and any residual exhaust gasses are vented out and away through the chimney.

The Procrea Aritsan Stoves are available in three different models to meet the individual needs of the end users.