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Production of Organic Chickens and Eggs​

Food Production: Production of Organic Chickens and Eggs

The project aims to produce organic food that will help to improve the diet of our children and their families.

The pilot project at the Procrea headquarters in San Andres, we have corrals and free range areas for the production and maintenance of broilers and laying hens for meat and eggs.

The difference in our project is based on the food that we provide for the chickens. The system consists of a balanced diet of green leafy vegetable matter, sprouted grains and fermented seeds and grains. The sprouting and fermenting processes greatly increase the mass and nutrient availability for completely organic meat and egg production.

The system is being implemented in each of the homes of the children from our school, to help to provide adequate food and quality dietary protein.

As we increase the number of families in the medium term, we will have a surplus in the production of meat and eggs. This will allow us to organize sales activities for organic products to generate income for the families and our organization.

Production of Organic Chickens and Eggs​