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Guatemala, Central America



Proyectos Creativos Guatemala (Creative Projects Guatemala): ProCrea, a visionary foundation of Martsam Travel, is dedicated to addressing Guatemala’s multifaceted challenges. With a mission rooted in the research, study, and scientific analysis of national issues across social, environmental, and economic domains, ProCrea is at the forefront of identifying and implementing solutions that foster the country’s comprehensive development.

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Core Objectives of ProCrea:

Collaborative Problem-Solving: 

Designing and executing initiatives to mitigate national economic, social, and environmental challenges.

In-depth Research and Analysis: 

Engaging in the research, study, and scientific scrutiny of Guatemala’s economic, social, and ecological issues to unearth underlying causes and potential solutions.

Innovative Project Implementation: 

Crafting, managing, promoting, and executing projects tailored to address and resolve the country’s pressing economic, social, and environmental concerns.

Consensus Building and Preventive Strategies: 

Advocate for consensus and proactively develop preventive measures to tackle economic, social, and environmental issues.

Professional and Technical Services: 

Offering specialized professional or technical assistance to individuals or entities whose goals align with the association’s mission.

Strategic Partnerships: 

Forming alliances and agreements with domestic and international individuals or legal entities to achieve the association’s objectives.

Highlighted Projects by ProCrea:

Atitlán School and Art Gallery:

A cultural cornerstone, blending art education with preserving local traditions. This dynamic space allows young talents to explore and express their creativity while connecting with their heritage.

The Green Turtle Sanctuary:

Sipacate-Naranjo Reserve. This project demonstrates ProCrea’s commitment to environmental stewardship by focusing on preserving the green turtle through research, community engagement, and sustainable practices.

Pure Water Pathways Program:

At Martsam Travel, we are committed to harnessing the power of travel for positive change.

Our Pure Water Pathways Program embodies this commitment by tackling the critical issue of access to clean drinking water in rural Guatemala.

This joint effort includes Martsam Travel, our travelers, and international tour operators.

By collaborating with the Martsam Travel Foundation (ProCrea), we combine technical know-how and resources to provide sustainable solutions for the communities that host our visitors.

Engage with Proyectos Creativos Guatemala:

ProCrea invites everyone to participate in its mission to guide Guatemala toward sustainable and inclusive growth. By supporting initiatives like the Pure Water Pathways Program, Atitlán School and Art Gallery and the green turtle conservation project, you contribute to a brighter future for Guatemala, marked by cultural richness, environmental preservation, and economic stability.

Your involvement, whether through collaboration, support, or advocacy, is crucial in propelling Guatemala forward. Join ProCrea in its quest to create lasting solutions for the nation’s challenges.

For more information or to contribute to our cause, please email ProCrea at or call + (502) 5767-2940. Together, we can significantly impact Guatemala’s development and prosperity.

Bringing Clean Drinking Water to Rural Guatemala!

Join the Pure Water Pathways Program

Your Opportunity to Make a Difference

We extend a special invitation to you, as a RESPONSIBLE Traveler, to participate in the Pure Water Pathways Program. Your unique position allows you to directly impact the lives of Guatemala’s rural communities by providing clean drinking water to those in need.



Our comprehensive research and analysis generate crucial data that informs evidence-based conservation strategies and policy development, ensuring our actions are well-informed and practical.


We are committed to developing and supporting practical conservation actions that yield tangible results, protecting and sustaining biodiversity, ecosystems, and cultural heritage for the benefit of future generations.


Engage the local community in preserving natural and cultural treasures through our comprehensive educational programs and initiatives, emphasizing their crucial role in this endeavor.


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