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Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


JovenArte Project at Lake Atitlan

At ProCrea Foundation, we are proud to be deeply involved in the JovenArte project in San Juan La Laguna, Lake Atitlan. Our collaboration with Mayan JovenArte exemplifies our commitment to creating significant social, economic, and environmental impacts through innovative and culturally enriching initiatives.

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Mayan JovenArte: A Catalyst for Cultural Preservation and Community Enrichment


Mayan JovenArte is a distinguished collective of emerging artists who preserve Mayan culture and enrich their community through the arts. Based in San Juan La Laguna, this association stands out for its commitment to cultural transmission and community support.

Current Initiatives:

Retail Presence: 

Mayan JovenArte has made a significant impact with its presence on the renowned Artists’ Street, a platform that amplifies local artistic talents and brings recognition and admiration to Mayan art.

Gallery-School Installation: 

The collective is in the advanced stages of setting up an innovative gallery school near the entrance of the Kaqasiiwaan viewpoint. This space will facilitate various educational and artistic activities and be a dynamic hub for cultural exchange and creative development.

Educational Programs: 

 The gallery school’s educational programs are designed to provide immersive experiences in Mayan art to local children and visiting enthusiasts. With structured classroom instruction and home assignments, the programs foster a comprehensive understanding of artistic techniques. Students typically acquire the foundational skills necessary to paint on canvases with a testament to the effectiveness of our approach in four months.

Community Support: 

Beyond art education, Mayan JovenArte supports low-income children by providing essential school supplies through a voucher system for bookstore access.

Educational Structure and Timeline:

Weekly Instructional Hours: 

Each student receives four hours of structured classroom instruction weekly, ensuring a rigorous academic schedule.

Home Assignments: 

Students are assigned activities to complete at home, reinforcing the concepts and techniques introduced during classroom sessions.

Skill Acquisition Timeline: 

It is estimated that students need approximately four months to develop the foundational skills necessary to commence painting on canvases.

Fee Structure:

Tuition for Children: 

The monthly tuition fee for child students is $535.

This includes all required materials, ensuring students have the resources needed for a complete learning experience.

Our Collaboration with Mayan JovenArte: 

ProCrea Foundation has had the privilege of collaborating with Mayan JovenArte over the past year.

This partnership aligns with our shared vision of nurturing and empowering the youth in the region.

Through our concerted efforts, we aim to amplify the impact of our programs, reaching a broader spectrum of children and young adults in the area.

Contact us to learn more about our initiatives and how we are making a difference in the San Juan La Laguna community and beyond. Together, we are fostering a brighter future through creativity and education.


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